Xiaomi announced today the Inter-Transfer Alliance group, where it is joined by Oppo and vivo to create an AirDrop-like service for file transfer. The platform is currently in open beta and will allow devices from different manufacturers to exchange photos and documents with a simple swipe or click.

Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo join hands to create AirDrop-like service for file transfer

According to the company, the exchange of files wouldn’t use a lot of battery nor would it use 4G data or a third-party app – it is based on Bluetooth. Speeds would reach up to 20 MB/s, so a standard 720p movie would be transferred between phones in under two minutes.

Currently, the Inter-Transfer Alliance (the name is just a rough translation) has only three members, but Xiaomi is welcoming others to join. It is a safe bet that brands like Realme and Redmi will also be a part of the team, given their parent companies are on board.

OPPO’s engagement with Xiaomi and Vivo benefits Realme

Realme, the company which was branched out of OPPO, will also be reaping the benefits of this alliance. On Twitter, Realme’s marketing head Francis Wang confirmed that Realme is also a part of this alliance. While the tweet does not clarify whether Realme will be a direct participant in this supergroup or only derive benefits from OPPO’s involvement in this venture.

In the future, we may see other phone companies joining the alliance along with Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO.