Naming Android from year to year is quite awaited by fans of Google’s mobile operating system. Because, Google always embed the name of snacks / sweet snacks as the name of the operating system.

After surviving the use of nine versions of Android, the tradition began to change. Google officially announced a new name for Android Q with the name Android 10.

This is the first time Google has abandoned the names of sweet snacks that for ten years have been attached to naming Android.

The number 10 refers to the age of Android this year which stepped on a decade.

According to Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management for Android, the decision to name Android 10 that sounds simpler is taken because not everyone in the world understands the naming of snacks. “For example, the pronunciation of the letters” L “and” R “in some languages will be different.

So when someone hears us say Android Lollipop, it doesn’t sound as clear as the successor to Android KitKat, “Samat explained.

This results in some lay users not being aware that their device is running the latest version of the Android operating system. For him, naming a clear and easy to understand everyone globally is important for the Android operating system.

“There are many interesting dessert names beginning with the letter” Q “, but we are considering that in the 10th and 2.5 billion versions of active devices, this is the time to change,” wrote Samat on Google’s official blog

That means, most likely Google’s headquarters or known as Googleplex, will not be decorated with sweet dessert statues, which is one of the attractions for visitors to take pictures.