Earlier this year, Xiaomi announced that development had begun on MIUI 11 and that the new MIUI version will introduce new icons and features like a system-wide dark mode, ultra power saving mode, and more. These features have already made their way into MIUI 10, though, so we’re expecting to see other changes that haven’t been announced.

Fortunately for us, Xiaomi accidentally rolled out MIUI 11 for a handful of devices, including the Redmi K20 Pro, Mi Mix 2S, and Mi 6, giving us an early look at Xiaomi’s next Android release.

Download links for the closed beta MIUI 11 9.9.9 were briefly publicly accessible, allowing many users to grab the firmware and flash to their own devices. The builds contain code that overlays the device’s IMEI all over the UI, so we had to blur many of the screenshots below. (These screenshots came from XDA Member Hipped_Orange22.) XDA Recognized Developer erfanoabdi modified the system image to make it flashable on other devices, allowing users to install it even on non-Xiaomi devices.

The screenshots without any visible blurring were taken from a device running this unofficial MIUI 11 system image.


New Icons

As promised, we can see the new iconography used in Xiaomi’s Android skin. The icons are colorful, but there doesn’t seem to be consistency in size or shape unlike stock Android 10.

New Design

The motto for MIUI 11 is “Empowering the productive,” and the design uses a lot of empty white space and big, bold text throughout. One of the screenshots shows off the new design in more system apps, and interestingly, there’s a reference to the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G.


The Dialer app has a much more minimal design. Their colors, which become appropriate in dark mode, resemble Oneui. It also changed the incoming call interface.


The icons are designed from the beginning and the area is much larger. However I can say that it is a bit more complicated.

Ringtones & Sound

Changing the ring tones is very simple on the MIUI 11.

Screen Cast

Added to MIUI 10 Beta 9.8.19, this feature makes screen publishing easier. The favorite feature is that it allows broadcasting when the screen is off. There is also a shortcut in GameTurbo. You can easily casting while playing games.

Dark Mode Scheduling

You can set the timing for dark mode. For example, you can set the phone to go into dark mode after 19:00.

New design miui 11 darkmode scheduler


Xiaomi is testing the new font called MiLanPro, which will be used on the MIUI 11. It has a softer look and is liked by users.

New design miui 11 new font


Animations are important to give a better view to the system. iOS is doing it well and Android Q and Google made a number of improvements. Xiaomi has added lock screen shortcuts and new animations to unlock the screen.


The Messaging application does not have a major change in terms of interface. A small function has been added to copy the PIN from the incoming message.


New version of Xiaomi browser V11.0.0 Beta is released. It has a much simpler home page. It has a pretty similar look with the Quark browser.

New design miui 11 browser


Profile area has been redesigned in Themes application. You can also follow your favorite theme maker and be notified of new themes.

New design miui 11 theme

MI Cloud

New animation effects during synchronization in Xiaomi cloud service

New design miui 11 micloud


Small interface developments for calendar is available to everyone in the latest beta releases.

Super Battery

The dark theme welcomes us in ultra power saving. In this mode, you cannot use the interface in white theme. On the home screen, it gives us the option of calling and messaging. You can add up to 3 applications you want.

Just below the clock is the number of hours the device can be used. The screen shot from the Mi 9 shows that it is available for 240 hours with a 58% charge. It is certain that this mode will keep the device switched on for a few days, even if the times promised by the device never occur.

New design miui 11 super battery

File Manager

File manager now has a much simpler interface.

New design miui 11 file manager

Always On Display

The color of the clock and other text color in AOD can be changed. There are also a few new styles available. You can select the text, position, and color you want to be displayed in the AOD.

Battery Stats

In fact, you already know this if you have read the previous news. The new battery usage screen has a completely new interface. You also have 2 options for usage details: Percentage and milliamps

Setting for Notched Phone

New design miui 11 setting notched phones


Pedometer interface has a much more functional and minimalist interface. This change is part of MIUI 11.


Added application sharing and application cloning shortcut to 3D Touch function. Now you can easily access these two features.

New design miui 11 3d touch launcher


  • A small change to the “hidden application” was made in the experience version. After you hide the application, you cannot find the application in the settings.
  • Watermark can now be customized on Redmi Note 7
  • Added WI-FI screen shortcut into Game Acceleration. You can project the game you play immediately.
  • Earthquake warning system

Thanks to Xiaomiui for screenshots!