Redmi’s General Manager Lu Weibing teased citizens by uploading a short video on our Weibo account. In the video, Xiaomi is seen preparing a new cellphone with four cameras.

The 11-second video shows a series of processes for making a cellphone. Although it is unclear what kind of cellphone is being made, it is suspected that the mysterious cellphone is the Redmi Note 8.

In the video, there are four cameras on the back, three cameras arranged vertically, while one other camera is placed on the right side of the main camera, so the structure looks like the letter T.

One of the cameras on the Redmi Note 8 is expected to have the latest 64 megapixel sensor of the Samsung ISOCELL GW1. This sensor itself will be released in the final quarter of 2019.

On the inside of the phone, there is no visible pop-up camera module or swivel camera. Then the front of this mysterious cellphone also seems to be adorned with waterdrop-shaped bangs.

No fingerprint sensor is visible on the back. So it is probable that this phone will carry a fingerprint sensor inside the screen, or replace it with a face scanner.

Lu Weibing also confirmed that the mass production of this mysterious cell phone had begun half a month ago. But he did not specify further as to what specifications will be carried by this cellphone.

The previous news said that the Redmi Note 8 will be equipped with the MediaTek Helio G90T chipset and become the first cellphone to use the gaming chipset specifically.

Although there is no further information, this phone seems worth the wait.