About two years ago, Andy Rubin, the father of Android officially launched his first smartphone, the Essential Phone (PH-1).

Although it had become a hot topic for gadget users in the world, the presence of Essential Phone was quickly forgotten by many people.

Less successful in the market and inferior to other famous smartphone brands, many predict that Andy Rubin’s fostered company is bankrupt.

Through his official Twitter account, Andy Rubin is trying to dismiss the assumptions of various parties about the company and himself, by uncovering a new smartphone that is currently known as Project GEM.

“We are currently working on a new device that will redefine a smartphone,”

Rubin wrote on his Twitter account

He continued, “Currently a new smartphone with the code name Project GEM is in initial testing. Look forward to more information in the near future.”

Essential Phone PH-2 New Perspective Mobile

From the photos that Rubin shared via his Twitter account, the new smartphone’s body looks like a remote control or a TV remote.

Not only appear slim, smartphone body also looks thinner. Because of this, there may be unique and new ways for users to interact with the device.

While Apple’s iPhone X kicked off the ‘display notch’ craze, it’s worth noting that the original Essential Phone was first to implement a display cutout for its front-facing camera. 

This time, however, it appears that Essential has taken inspiration from Samsung, with the GEM prototype sporting a pinhole camera cutout in the top left-hand corner of the device. 

Initial reports suggested that the Essential Phone PH-2 might have an in-screen camera, so either those plans have changed, or a true Essential Phone successor is also in the works alongside the GEM.

At present, no release date information has been offered for the upcoming device, though we’d expect an official announcement to come in the not-too-distant future.

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